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This post is part of the ongoing Woman Crush Wednesday series. I strongly believe that real women support other women, which is why each Wednesday I will be doing a profile on an inspiring female travel blogger who I think deserves a shout out for their amazing content. If you can think of any amazing ladies who fit this bill please get in touch with your suggestion.

Without further ado, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo!


About Nora

Before her travels, she was a Certified Financial Planner, which is one of the many reasons she has become considered an expert in financially sustainable travel. In 2006 she sold all of her belongings and financial practice, and then in 2007, she left Toronto to see the world. Since then, she has been to five continents and almost 60 countries, and is a huge advocate for slow and sustainable travel.


Why is she an inspiration to me?

You know how sometimes friends have been in your life so long that you don’t actually remember first meeting them? Or even how you became friends? At this point, I’ve been following The Professional Hobo for so long that I can no longer remember when I first started! I have this vague recollection of reading an article about amazing female travel bloggers to watch out for that year. I’m fairly certain that it was the name of the blog that caught my attention. Either way, I’ve been subscribed to her blog for going on six years now!

While the name was almost certainly what drew me in, what has kept me subscribed to the blog and reading Nora’s content, has been her passion for financially sustainable travel. She has proven that financially sustainable travel doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a budget traveller. Although if that’s your thing, she by all accounts recommends that. What it means is that you need to work smarter not harder with your money, and as this pertains to making it, saving it and managing it.

At the time I first started reading her blog I was sixteen and earning minimum wage to save up for my gap year. To find a blog that actually gave practical tips on affording travel (as opposed to the endless blogs that simply suggest that you just earn more money, like you hadn’t already realised that would help) was both revolutionary and inspiring to me at that point in my life.



Nora Dunn from the Professional Hobo is this week's Woman Crush Wednesday

Photo cred: Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo

Why she should be an inspiration to you:

Nora has been travelling the world for twelve years at this point, so it only makes sense that she has so many stories to tell. This means that, regardless of your situation, you’ll be able to relate.

Are you a solo traveller? She’s been there? Travelling as a couple? She’s done that too. As she puts so eloquently in her About Me page,

I survived natural disasters, diseases, passport theft, hospital trips, head-on collisions, travel fatigue, and a variety of other very real aspects of travel that may not be ideal, but that make the trip all the more colourful.

She has created a wealth of ‘How to’ guides, destination posts on the many places she’s been and runs financial case studies on successful travellers. Not only that, but she also provides her own income reports. So if you’re like me and enjoying perving on other people’s finances and spending habits, you’ll love this. Not only does she provide these income reports, but she also provides her annual cost of travel reports, proving that travelling the world long-term can be done for much cheaper than most of us think!


Three amazing posts you should check out:

  1. My Sordid Attempts at Finding Love on the Road –  this is an amazingly candid post about relationships that she’s had whilst travelling the world, which for various reasons, haven’t worked out. Although I’m perpetually single myself (a fun fact that gets brought up at nearly every social occasion, which I’m sure you can imagine my excitement at!) I found this post absolutely fascinating. More importantly, it further affirmed to me exactly how kick-ass Nora really is!
  2. Brace Yourself: Travel Isn’t All Roses and Lollipops – if you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the curtain and see if the world of full-time travel is as glamorous as certain Instagram “influencers” make it seem, then this is the post for you. However, this also isn’t a post just a complain fest. Nora tends to find the silver lining in pretty much any situation, and she gives a balanced view of the good and bad sides of long-term travel.

  3. My Zero Waste Kit for Travel (and Home) – I’d like to think that in 2019 most of us are, or are becoming, aware of the long-term devastating effects that human beings are having on the planet. This INCREDIBLE post covers Nora’s journey to a zero-waste lifestyle. It also gives concrete steps on how we can implement this too, whether we’re travelling or at home.


Follow her :

Instagram – @theprofessionalhobo
Facebook – The Professional Hobo
Pinterest – The Professional Hobo 
Twitter – @hobonora

Did you enjoy this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday profile? Have a good idea for another feature? Let me know below in the comments!

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Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo is this week's Woman Crush Wednesday

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Nora October 31, 2019 - 5:20 am

Thanks for making your Woman Crush this week about me! I’m honoured. 🙂

Sophie October 31, 2019 - 8:48 am

Of course! Thanks for being such an inspiring subject to write about 😊 And thanks for taking the time to even read it! Xx


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