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This post is part of the ongoing Woman Crush Wednesday series. I strongly believe that real women support other women, which is why each Wednesday I will be doing a profile on an inspiring female travel blogger who I think deserves a shout out for their amazing content. If you can think of any amazing ladies who fit this bill please get in touch with your suggestion. Without further ado, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Kristy Shen from Millennial Revolution!


About Kristy

Kristy is one half of the amazing power couple running Millennial Revolution. Writing under her alias FIRECracker (while her husband Bryce writes as Wanderer), Kristy teaches her readers about the secrets that led to her own success and retirement at just 31 years old, and how they can do the same!

Going against the status quo (and facing serious disappointment from their families), Kristy and Bryce decided to not buy into the ‘Great American Dream’ of homeownership and instead taught themselves how to invest in the stock market. They then figured out exactly how big a portfolio they would need to be able to quit their jobs and travel forever by using ‘The 4% Rule’. They explain it much better than I could ever hope to, so I’ll let you check that one out for yourself if you’re interested.

While Millenial Revolution is definitely first and foremost a FIRE blog (Financial Independence, Retire Early), I stand by my decision to include Kristy on this list. Since they retired, Kristy and Bryce have been travelling the world and frequently post about their adventures as part of their Let’s Go Exploring series. They are also completely nomadic and because they are able to keep their collective travel expenses to less than $40,000CAD a year, they are actually making money by travelling now due to the size of their investment portfolio!


Why is she an inspiration to me?

While many of my Woman Crush Wednesday features have been bloggers that I have been following for a while, Millennial Revolution is a more recent find. However, that hasn’t stopped me from devouring nearly the entire contents of the site!

It takes guts to go against the tide, and by shunning homeownership and everything else that typically goes along with the Great American Dream, Kristy has without a doubt jumped in headfirst. We live in a society that sees being busy and stressed as a badge of honour rather than a sign that something is wrong, and I think it’s incredibly inspiring that Kristy not only recognised the toll this type of life was having on her mental health and general wellbeing, but that she put a plan in place to do something about it, and more to the point -actually succeeded!

As someone who has long had an interest in investing and travelling the world long-term, but never thought it would be accessible, finding a blog that provides step by step advice on how to do this has been lifechanging. Kristy and Bryce didn’t have to start their blog. They could just as easily have kept the secrets to their success to themselves and enjoyed their retirement while the rest of us toil away in our 9-5 jobs. However they realised that for them, true success meant helping as many other people as they can achieve financial independence, which to be honest, I think is some pretty superhero level shit.


Kristy Shen from Millennial Revolution

Photo cred www.millennial-revolution.com

Why she should be an inspiration to you:

Is there a single person here who wouldn’t like to retire at 31 years old? Yeah, I didn’t think so! Regardless of what your background is, retiring at this age is a major achievement. However, if you were thinking that it’s an inspiring story and all, but there’s no way it could possibly be relevant to your story or be possible given your situation, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Kristy and her family grew up in rural China and survived on the equivalent of $0.44 a day! Rather than lamenting that her starting line was so much further behind most people, Kristy didn’t let this hold her back, and if anything her humble beginnings has been the driving force behind her success. While we all have our privileges and we all have our hardships, Kristy serves as an inspiration and proof that, regardless of your situation, you too can achieve financial independence as long as you’re willing to work hard enough for it.

They frequently run reader case studies where you can write in and either Kirsty or Bryce will analyse your financial situation and give you an estimate on how close you could be to your own early retirement if you implement their principles. Because they have so many readers from so many different walks and stages of life, you’re sure to find one to relate to, and regardless they are all fascinating to read.


Three amazing posts you should check out:

  1. How I built a Seven Figure Portfolio and Retired at 31 – at the start of this article Kristy lays out the four steps to success that the Baby Boomer generation has convinced us that we need to follow: get a job, buy a house, be a loyal employee and retire with a pension at 65. The remainder of the article is Kristy breaking down exactly how this advice is utter bullcrap and providing her own five-step plan for success and happiness. This post is guaranteed to get you fired up about achieving financial independence for yourself.
  2. The Cost of Travelling the World For a Year – if you like this post then you’re in luck because it’s part one of three! In this post Kristy breaks down the exact costs for her and Bryce to travel the world for a year. She breaks down the costs per region they visited and any big-ticket items. It’s definitely an inspiring read which will show you how much you can experience for way less money than you thought.
  3.  Reader Case Study: Start Early, Retire Early – this is one of the many interesting case studies that Kristy has analysed. I have included this one in particular as the subject of the case study is a 27-year old guy, with no debt, but a pretty average salary; a situation that I feel would be relatable to many of you. Spoiler alert, Kristy found after mathing shit up (which is her amazing way of saying that she’s going to do an overhaul of his financial situation) that the reader could potentially retire in seven years by the time he is 35 years old!


Follow her :

Instagram – firecracker.revolution
Facebook – Millenial Revolution Blog
Twitter – @firecracker_rev


They also wrote a book! Check out How to Quit Like a Millionaire here! I’m currently halfway through this book and will be posting a review of it as soon as I’m finished.


Did you enjoy this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday profile? Have a good idea for another feature? Let me know below in the comments!

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Woman Crush Wednesday - Kristy Shen from Millennial Revolution

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